About Our Concert

We are excited to close this year's season with a spectacular celebration of the music of Franz Schubert. Timothy Jones will sing a selection of Schubert lieder. This will be followed by a presentation of Schubert piano trio in E flat major. I have the special privilege of being joined by pianist Jeanne Kierman Fischer and cellist Norman Fischer in this project!

It is hard to fathom how Schubert, a composer who only lived to the age of 31 years could leave behind a body of work more substantial than most composers that lived much longer. Especially when one considers the physical suffering he endured his last few years from the illness that eventually took his life. We even talk of the maturity of "late Schubert" in contrast to his music of just a few years prior. Schubert lived his creative life at a furious pace, with the bulk of his compositions being produced over a period of about fifteen years! The music we are presenting on this concert comes largely from his "late" period, when he produced some of his most sophisticated compositions. We look forward to presenting this very special concert to you!