March 10th 2019
I want to thank Cho Liang (Jimmy) Lin, Brinton Smith and Evelyn Chen for agreeing to do this program for Musica Tra Amici. My colleague Brinton and his wife, Evelyn, a spectacular pianist, had agreed to do this huge project with me. I was so looking forward to playing this program with them myself before I suffered a severe left shoulder injury which required surgery and it became clear I would not recuperate in time to play it. I owe my friend Jimmy Lin a huge debt of gratitude for stepping in to cover this program for me. Jimmy Lin is one of the worlds foremost violinists and an artist of the highest order. I am so honored to feature him on our Musica Tra Amici series. ¬†We are so fortunate to have him on the faculty of the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University here in Houston. If I don’t get to play this concert, at least I have the opportunity to hear it with Jimmy playing the violin part. I will be there to host the concert, and hear this marvelous performance. I hope all of you can join me there on March 10.

- Eric Halen

Artistic Director, Musica Tra Amici

Musica Tra Amici