About Our Concert - December 2, 2018

"On December 2nd, I will be joined by some of my Houston Symphony colleagues:  Principal Clarinetist Mark Nuccio, Associate Principal Cellist Christopher French, Associate Principal Violist Joan Derhovsepian and Principal Second Violinist MuChen Hsieh. We will be performing two of the finest and most sublimely beautiful chamber works ever written, the Clarinet Quintets of Mozart and Brahms.

Both quintets were written as a result of the composer being impressed by the playing of exceptional clarinetists. Mozart wrote his Clarinet Quintet in 1789 for Anton Stadler as well as his Clarinet Concerto of 1791. Both works are in A major and are rather similar in character.

Written almost one hundred years later, the clarinet quintet by Johannes Brahms is certainly a worthy successor to Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet. Brahms was inspired to write this work by the beautiful playing of clarinetist Richard Mühlfeld. Brahms modeled this work on the Mozart Quintet.

Both of these works are extraordinary and great to hear in any context, but hearing them together is particularly interesting in addition to being a special pleasure.

Please join us on December 2nd in the Art Gallery at the MATCH. We look forward to performing for you and getting the chance to talk with you at our catered reception after the concert!"


- Eric Halen

Artistic Director, Musica Tra Amici

Musica Tra Amici