An die Heimat
(‘to the homeland’) Op.64, #1

Wonderful-sounding word!
How on feathery wings
you draw my heart toward you,
rejoicing, as if I must bring you the greeting
of every soul.
I turn my steps to you,
welcoming homeland!

With that gentle-sounding note
old songs awaken in me
which have flown far away from me;
they call me, full of joy,
to alluring sounds of home.
Only you are peace,
sheltering homeland!

Give me back the peace
that I have lost in the distance,
give me your thriving happiness!
Beneath the trees by the brook,
where I was born long ago,
Give me a sheltering roof,
dear homeland!

Otto Inkermann (1823 – 1862)

Der Gang zum Liebchen
(‘the walk to my beloved’) Op. 31 #3

The moon shines down,
So I should set out
Again to my love,
How is she, I wonder?

Alas, she’s despairing
And lamenting, lamenting
She’ll never see
Me again in her life!

The moon went down,
But I hurried off happily,
Hurried so that no one
Should steal my love.

Keep cooing, you doves,
Keep whispering, you breezes,
So that no one
Should steal my love!

Josef Wenzig (1807-1876

(‘late autumn’) Op. 92, #2

The grey mist drops down so silently
upon the field, wood and heath
that it is as if Heaven wanted to weep
in overwhelming sorrow.

The flowers will bloom no more,
the birds are mute in the groves,
and the last bit of green has died;
Heaven should indeed be weeping.

Hermann Allmers (1821 – 1902)


Eric Halen, violin
Brinton Smith, cello
Sheldon Person, viola
Evelyn Chen, piano

Houston Symphony Chorus

Cris Bocanegra, soprano
Jillian Hughes, alto
Jonathan Bordelon, tenor
Ben Luss, bass